Mister Tree – Pretty Hard Cider



Whisky lovers? Grab this limited edition cider! 

Blow your socks off with this full bodied cider. Wild ferment in regular vats and matured a beautiful old Islay barrel. Semi wild, semi brett fermented from one single variety of apples.

Say what?

Experience the depth of this peated and rich tannic cider with a well balanced acidity and soft carbonation. 
Serving suggestions: 
Sit back, relax and take time to fully appreciate this heavy weight.
Food pairing: Heavy cheeses, robust meals and strong meats.

Bottled in: 350ml stubby
Alcohol content: 6.9% vol
Carbonation: Lightly carbonated
Bottle conditioned
Aged: 14 months
Filtered: No
pasteurised: No
Sur lie (aged on lees)
Ingredients: 100% fermented Dutch apple juice, wild yeasts (saccromyces/brettanomyces), carbon dioxide, Sulphites* (very very little for freshness) 

  • This cider is:
  • Glutenfree - Glutenvrij
  • Vegan friendly
  • *Contains sulphites (SO2), bevat sulfieten