Classics never get old!

A cider as delicate as a chardonnay wine but made from a mix of regular Dutch handappeltjes. Left-overs that normally end up in juice or compote. Too small, too large, a little dent, scabies? Mister Tree knows how to deal with that. 100% pure hand pressed and fermented juice
A subtle cider with buttery notes, hints of apple (who would have guessed), medium-long and soft finish.

Culinary goodness in a lovely bottle.

A very classic and refreshing drink to enjoy in every ambiance.
Serving suggestions: This cider is best shared with friends.
Food pairing: Suits well with soft cheeses, fish dishes and light meals.

Bottled in: 350ml stubby
Alcohol content: 6.5% vol
Carbonation: Lightly carbonated
Bottle conditioned
Aged: 14 months
Filtered: No
pasteurised: No

Ingredients: 100% fermented Dutch apple juice, yeast, carbon dioxide, Sulphites* (*= very very little for freshness)