Enjoying nature and a crisp glass of cider? that’s what Mister Tree plans to do for many years ahead. With the believe ¬†that grassroots are the sources that can change world. Small gestures become large and become adopted by the mainstream. That’s why Mister Tree invests or donates 2% of the revenue into grassroots initiatives that matter.¬†

Old apple orchards!

Various associations save old appels and other fruit tree variations. Ever heard of the lunterse pippeling? Notaris Apple or Zoete ermgaard? Just to name a few of over 400 varieties. These almost forgotten and lost apples add value to the current monocultures! You as cider drinker contribute to old orchards and make it possible to keep these apples alive! Mister Tree, digs this stuff.

Fruit adoption! give them a happy old day...

Another initiative is that Mister Tree adopts your apples and/or pears. With all the love of the world he transforms them into liquid gold. Your fruit will live an extended live for years to come and enjoy the fancy life at parties and festivals. Do you know an old orchard or a farmer that's stocked with fruit the supermarket doesnt want to buy? Drop Mister Tree a message!

"Cider the best an apple can wish for!"

Your initiative?

You have a grassroots initiative? think Mister Tree and you are a match? drop him a line to tell the story. Maybe we can collab.

Credits: Mister Tree