Mister Tree – Pretty Hard Cider

Mr. T


I ain’t getting on no damn plane….Fool  #vliegschaamte

Although Mister T. might sounds like a tough one it’s probably gonna be your best new cider friend in no time.
A cider that smells like a small damp campfire, flavours as fresh apples with an acidic hint and smokey finish with gentle soft carbonation.
Serving suggestions: Great cider to enjoy at the bbq, festival, housewarming, friday drinks and all moments in between.
Food pairing: Burger companion, grilled vegetables, strong cheeses, dried sausages.


Bottled in: 350ml stubby bottles
Alcohol content: 6.9% vol
Carbonation: Bottle conditioned
Aged: 6 months
Filtered: No
pasteurised: No

Ingredients: 100% fermented Dutch apple juice,  yeast, tea infusion, carbon dioxide, Sulphites* (*=very very little for freshness)

  • This cider is:
  • Glutenfree - Glutenvrij
  • Vegan friendly
  • *Contains sulphites (SO2), bevat sulfieten